I’ve Moved!

Hello Everbardy!

I know I’ve gone on a hiatus for the longest time. And there’s probably no one reading this blog. 

But just in case, I’ve moved to a new blog! Here’s the link http://justvixy.blogspot.com/


Thank you 


New Release: ZZANG – Stairway to Heaven Pose Pack 037


New release! 😀 Poses on stairs! ♥

ZZANG - Stairway to Heaven Pose Pack 037

ZZANG – Stairway to Heaven Pose Pack 037

It has 11poses (one of which is a variation). It also comes with the stair case prop that is shown in the vendor! Please do come over to ZZANG to try it out!

ZZANG - My Starlet Pose Pack 036

ZZANG – My Starlet Pose Pack 036

This is an earlier release which I did not blog about! My starlet! Please do come and try!

All single poses 15L (In-world only)
Each pack 90L

Taxi to ZZANG

New Release: ZZANG – Bring My Inner Sexy Pose Pack 034

Hi Guys!

New items from ZZANG! First up, ok I have been like standing in front of my mirror for this and like randomly posing. Don’t laugh! Okay so yes, I can do these poses so it definitely looks natural.. I hope! haha!

ZZANG – Bring My Inner Sexy Pose Pack 034

Yes. I did pose in my undies too. LOL. BUT YES! These work awesomely with clothes on. Even sculpty shoes that attach to the shins, they do pose well and look normal! Try them out in-world if you like! Come over!

90L for 9poses
15L each inworld only

ZZANG @ Mailaif


ZZANG – Special Straws Gacha!

I’ve always always always tried to play with blender to make little accessories.. However, sculpty is just really hard to wrap my mind around! I’ve tried a lot of times!

With mesh, everything is a lot easier! And I created these little straws for your avatar to chew on! It is a gacha, 10L per play! My fave would be the pink heart and the awesome Black Butterfly! Woot!

I hope you guys would try it out! My first mesh item!

ZZANG @ Mailaif